FAQ page


       1.Question : What is www.neomatrimonial.in?

          Answer    : It is provide a platform for advertise  your Profile for marriage.

      2.Question : Who is Eligible ?

           Answer    :Male –above 21 years age.

                           Female-above 18 years  age  according to indian law .

      3.Question : How much Registration Fee?

            Answer    : Registration is fee.

      4.Question : How can advertise our Product in www.neomatrimonial.in  ?

            Answer    : you go to ads with us option and add your product advertise and pay than your advertise active .

     5.Question : What is the advance Feature of www.neomatrimonial.in ?

            Answer    :   1. Advance search.

                                2. Location search

                                3. Upload Photo

                                4.Upload your Video

                                5.Upload Horoscope

                                6.  Short listed your profile.